September 29, 2012

Character design process

Here are some images I created as a demo for my concept art class showing a simple character design process -starting with nothing in mind and ending up with unique character and story.

Character silhouettes. Creating fast and simple design ideas using little effort. 

Full Value thumbs based on my favorite silhouettes. Then with one selected I created a final color thumb and began building on the character's design and story. 

 With the basic design, values and color figured out it is ready to start being polished. 


Eddie Mendoza said...

man your work is so awesome. hopefully i can get to your level of skill someday. keep kicking ass! great work on ESO.

JAIR said...

Hey, Thanks!

Sade Smith said...

This is pretty sweet. I've heard of the silhouette process but... well, I guess I'm not to sure about how it's done or, perhaps, I am using the wrong brushes?
Anyway, this is amazing. Thanks for showing the process : D
Keep doing what your doing!~