March 27, 2017

Dead Space!

Worked on this one off and on during the weekend and a little bit during a live stream! 

March 20, 2017

Virtual Plein Air

 I love this little spot in the Philippines, its such a slice of life in this small town -a place I may never get a chance to visit. 

Click here to see the street view. 

process video

March 16, 2017

snow hunter

First live stream

My very first live stream on twitch. It was a bit quiet this time but I was able to focus a bit more on the character design. "A young hunter out for the kill"

I stream every Wednesday night at 9PM PST 
 -- Watch live at

heres the replay

March 12, 2017

New video w/commentary!

Finally finished my breath of the wild process video! 

Original post 

March 7, 2017

Female Character Sketches

Watch as I create 3 female character portraits from imagination. Each took about 20-30 minutes. I wanted to mainly explore different hairstyles since I noticed I tend to give my characters the same look. These were really fun to make and portraits are something I could sketch all day non stop.